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Sample tracks:

Ivan na Donka/Hristianova kopanitsa

Pirava daje

Na kelav, na gilavav


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The word "Kef" refers to that spirit and energy shared by a group of people in celebration. It is a state of being, an intangible quality approaching ecstasy, often engendered by musical experience. Kef is a Turkish concept and term that has become naturalized across the Balkans throughout the former domain of the Ottoman Empire. That same cultural force left an indelible mark on the music of Balkans. Today, Slavs, Roma and a multitude of other ethnic groups – even Americans – play and dance to music that is an amalgam of Turkish influences and indigenous regional styles.

Kef, the band, has been performing for dancers, festivals, cafes and bars since 2007. Our music is a sampling of the regional genres found across the Balkans, from Bulgarian wedding music to Serbian brass band, from 1960s radio-style orchestrations to melody/drone-based village music. Most of our repertoire comes from the folk tradition, learned from recordings or directly from notable musicians in the Balkan music community. These selections represent the diversity of our individual musical preferences expressed through the unique composition of our ensemble.


1. Na kelav, na gilavav

2. Pajduško 3566

3. Ivan na Donka/Hristianova kopanitsa

4. Plevensko dajčovo horo

5. Arabska igra

6. Pirava daje

7. Gajdarsko oro

8. Krivo Sadovsko horo

9. Zapevala sojka ptica

10. Mama na Milka tihom dumaše/Jambolsko pajduško

11. Zeibekikos

12. Ivan's rŭčenitsa

13. Çobankat